Saturday, May 22, 2010

At a loss for words

Well here i am, finally made into the world of blogging, can you believe it?? Not really sure what to do, kind of at a loss for words. Feels sort of funny,like what do i say now. I finally can say it all and low and behold...cant think of a thing to say. Hmmm, well i guess i can start out telling about myself, which i guess most anyone who reads this will know about me all ready. I named my blog, showers of blessings because i want this to be a positive blog because I tend to get on the negative a lot and I want to focus on the blessings for once. so here i go... my name is Debbie, and I'm married to Steven and we just celebrated our 25 years of marriage. quite an accomplishment I might add, you know a shower of blessings...well ya know...most of the time anyway. I have three kids, Jade ,Stephanie and Nichole. I have three grandchildren, Andrew,kyle and Emma. Love them all so much. Talk about showers of blessings...WOW..God is good.We have a dog named Toby who is like one of our kids,cant wait to share pictures. We are just average people trying to make a living and serving the Lord who is the giver of our blessings. We have been through many trials, tears, good times and bad but we have made it through and cant wait to share more with you in the near future!

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